Villa Odetta

Villa Odetta

Apartments for rent at Torre Colimena for your holidays by the sea

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Pure Nature

Holiday Home in Salento, just a few minutes away from a crystal clear sea and natural reserve areas

Holiday Home in Torre Colimena

Villa Odetta is situated in Puglia in Torre Colimena, it’s a small village of fishermen that has been named after its sixteenth century Tower.
The villa has been recently renovated and has five spacious apartments for rent to host guests wishing to stay on holidays in the Salento region.
The sea is only 50 meters and in a few minutes you reach the long beaches or the beaches equipped from Punta Prosciutto to Porto Cesareo.

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Apartments in Torre Colimena

Villa Odetta is the ideal holiday home in the Salento region for those willing to spend their holidays by the sea, surrounded by pure nature in a peaceful and small village called Torre Colimena, a seaside town part of the Manduria district, near the famous beach of Punta Prosciutto.

The holiday home consists of 3 levels with a total of 5 apartments but totally independent from one another. Each apartment has bedrooms, dining kitchen, living-room, bathroom and a spacious outside area.
Through a spiral stairs you reach the solarium where you can enjoy a 360 degree of a splendid panoramic view. You can appreciate the Jonio sea, the Mediterranean scrub, the small port, the ancient sighting tower, the Natural Reserve protected by Salina dei Monaci (a natural salt pan) and the beach of the same name and all that surrounds Villa Odetta, making sunbathing without leaving home.

In 1992 I was invited to New Canaan, an hour by train from New York to visit the masterpiece of architect Philip Johnson.
This place struck me so much that I never forgot it.
Well in 2001 I met in Cotê d'Ivoire a group of nice Apulians with whom I spent some wonderful days. The group sang their land and the year after my wife and I decided to visit them. They found us a room at the Tabù baths of Porto Cesareo. We stayed for two weeks and then we moved to Galatina. Practically every afternoon we changed places of discovery. Lecce, Nardò, Taranto, the seaside villages including Torre Colimena. And right there the Glass House of Philip Johnson appeared to me, but close to the sea. So in 2015 it became ours and after two years it was ready to receive guests too.
We were knocking down the garage when we found traces of an ancient building of which the only one who knew something was an old fisherman of the place who told me about when he was a child and with his family lived in a portico. All during the passage of tuna. He also brought me the photo where you could see a 200 kg tuna hanging from the ceiling. The tuna was washed, quartered with a huge knife and then beheaded with a cleaver. The man involved in this job was his dad. The work took place quickly, the refrigerator did not yet exist.

Sergio Di Sipio

Holidays home Torre Colimena
Villa Odetta, your Holiday Home in Torre Colimena

This is the ideal place to spend your holidays with all your family. We will welcome you with friendliness and ready to help you to spend a pleasant stay in an environment that will renovate itself daily.

You will not have to worry about anything, this is the ideal place to invigorate both the soul and the body, forgetting the daily stress, inebriated by the splendor of the sea and the charming and romantic atmosphere that only here breathes.

Apartments for rent Torre Colimena
Apartments for rent in Torre Colimena for beach holidays

Are you looking for a unique place to spend your holidays by the sea? The holiday home Villa Odetta in Torre Colimena is the perfect location for you!

Five bright and spacious apartments, furnished with taste and elegance. A panoramic terrace and a solarium for a breathtaking view at day and night. Spacious area and garden to play safely outside. Crystal clear sea, huge beaches, pure nature and lots of sun.

Holiday home near Punta Prosciutto
The sea at Torre Colimena and the Protected Natural Reserve

Torre Colimena is a small marine village, located in the municipality of Manduria. Owns it name to the sixteenth century sighting tower that dominates the crystal clear sea.

It’s a uncontaminated territory, the Natural Reserve Salina dei Monaci is the favorite stop of the pink flamingo birds, black-winged stilts, herons and other birds during migration. The ideal place for jogging, birdwatching and walks or simply sunbathing on the extensive and silent beaches.

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